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Independent Consultant offers One Stop shop for all your needs related to Enterprise Systems, Standard Analytics or Big Data Analytics (Structured and Unstructured), IT based Business Portfolio & Project Management and ERP based Global Taxation Management.

List of Solutions:

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Evaluation and Selection: Most of Propective customers spend huge amount of money and effort to decide and evaluate ERP that suits their need because there are number of ERP exist in market today. Independent Consultant’s Team understand all ERP completely with all modules which helps client in selection and Evaluation of ERP. For Evaluating and Selecting any ERP you only have to interact with one team member who will explain entire functionality of ERP that suits your business processes.

ERP Presales: Once You have selected desired ERP then you might be interested in checking as to how your business process will run in ERP. Independent Consultant’s Team can develop/present complete prototype of your selected ERP taking your actual business processes as base data.

ERP Consulting Services: Once You are happy with prototype of selected ERP then you might be interested Pre-Implementation review to so that you can assess and optimize infrastructure, resources, timing and cost. After having Pre-implementation review you might be interested in ERP Implementation. Independent Consultant’s Team can provide you fixed price implementation solution with 100% time bound SLA (We can implement entire core ERP-FI/CO/SD/MM/WM/IM/PS/PP/PM/CS/QM/HR/BI-Smallest to biggest ERP within 3 months with team size of 8 people-6 Functional and two technical resource).

ERP Support Services: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide you ERP Application and Transaction Processing Support Once Your implementation is over. Our Team will have only ERP Certified Consultant to take care of your support requirement. Our Support services are fixed price with 100% time bound SLA.

ERP Training Services: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide you various type of ERP trainings to cater various need which arise in your organization from time to time. ERP Project Team Training will help you to train your core team members to ensure smooth ERP Implementation and Rollouts. Our ERP End User Trainings will ensure that your user are well training, which will help in reducing your ERP support cost. Our Consultant Level trainings will help you to ensure future expansion with incurring additional ERP cost. Our ERP Implementation bootcamps will have you to prepare inhouse competancy so that you can be self dependent for future implementations. Our ERP Coachings will help Freshers/Students/Auditors to gain good overview of specific module without incurring huge ERP training cost. Our ERP Portfolio and Project Management Trainings will help Delivery Managers/Lead/Project Managers to ensure tracking of multiple project in real time. Our ERP Academy Trainings available only to Authorized Education Partners which helps them to have one stop shop for all Certified Trainers. Our EAcademy Learner support helps students to get real time cost effective support while doing self-study. Our ERP Business Process Expert Training helps Independent Consultants to enhance consulting skills in client facing roles. Our ERP Presales Training helps you to become Presales Consultant and work Independently.

ERP Audit Support Services: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide support services to Consulting Companies performing Clients audit based on ERP data.

ERP Resourcing and ERP Jobs: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide you various resources based on your need, All resources are screened by us in terms of technical expertise and proper education check. You can send your requirement via email and get it fulfilled within 30 days (Only for Permanent clients). We also cater to various clients for ERP resource requirements, Experienced Certified Consultants can also check from time to time for relevant job postings.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics (Standard based on ERP): Independent Consultant’s Team can provide Clients Senior Management ready and customized data Analytics based on Various Independent Business Intelligence system. We can also help in Building Various Visualization and Dashboards for day to day use..

Big Data Analytics: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide advisory for your big data (Structured and Unstructured).

Business and IT Portfolio & Project Management

Portfolio & Project Management: If Your company is project based company then Independent Consultant’s Team  can provide your support services based on various Project Management Tool so that you can handle thousands of project within defined timelines and budget, optimized costing, better resource and issue management.

Our Advisory will specifically help you in Portfolio Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Risk Management & Document Management.

IT Based Global Taxation

ERP Taxation: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide support to their Clients in Managing ERP based Global Taxation, We can provide our team to take care your data processing and reporting needs to comply with Taxation requirement.

IT Business Process Automation

ERP BPA: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide support to their Clients in Automating Manual and repetitive ERP business Process so that they can save huge amount of money by utilizing employee’s capacity in other important task.

Resource Manageement

ERP Resource Management: Independent Consultant’s Team can provide support to their Clients in filling up their ERP resource requirement for any ERP.